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Radeon kernel modesetting

My kernel modesetting code is finaly accessible :)

git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/drm

The beast is in modesetting-radeon code. This is primilary work ie this is not intended for end user but for developer, curious people or people living beyond the edge. Here is a todo list that pop from the top of my brain:
    - add crtc2
    - tmds
    - lvds
    - add bios data table so we don't need to hardcode dac/crtc infos
    - separate clock control to make power saving easier & cleaner
    - tiling (warning tiling shouldn't be enable in double scan or interlace)
    - surface reg manager (this goes along with tiling)
    - suspend/resume hook
    - avivo & r500 family support
    - atom bios support (for posting card mostly)
    - finish superioctl skeleton

Well of course i welcome any patch on this topics :) Now my plan is to work on dri2 and gallium driver for r300/r400 family i hope to be able to demonstrate this at fosdem 2008. You will likely see  xserver & mesa repository popup soon in my private area at fdo.

I also would like to thanks every people who helped me to better understand this hw and to help me fixing bug i did encouter.