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Doom3 demo benchmarking made easy

So i decided to give another shoot at using doom3 as benchmark for my GPU work. As i don't have the full game (shame on me) i have to use the demo but the demo is not usefull for recording and playing back anything. But now things are opensource yeah ! So with git://git.iodoom.org/iodoom3/iodoom3.git and http://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/0001-doom3-fix-demo-allow-demo-to-replay-demo-file.patch i was able to build doom3 demo on linux :) (scons . TARGET_DEMO=1 NOCURL=1).

Then just uncompress doom3-linux-1.1.1286-demo.x86.run replace gamex86.so by one from iodoom gamex86-demo.so. At that point you can launch the demo start a game and when ever you think it's good time recorddemo mystuff in doom3 console to start recording then stoprecording once you think you have enough frames. To replay your demo doom3-demo +timedemoquit mystuff.

Note you need 1.1.1286 as iodoom have a checksum for this file hardcoded (i haven't try with older demo but skipping the checksum check might work).

So now i have something a little more recent and different from other benchmark i often use (openarena, nexuiz). I wish their were some free advance GL demo with nice content we could use...