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R600/R700 Gallium3D winsys emerging

So, you likely noticed i am a crazy blogger with a new post everydays ;)
Today amusement was finishing cleaning up the early state of the r600/r700
winsys API i want to base the r600/r700 gallium3d driver on. There is
still a lot of things to finish, mostly finishing the states splitup.
Once all the states are in a nice structure i will plug this winsys
with a r600/r700 pipe driver but don't hold your breath, first i am
doing this during my free time, second even when we reach this state
i don't think we will be able to walk on Mars or the on Moon.

What matter here, more than the beauty of the code, is the design of the
beast. It's a different approach from what we have been using so far and
i believe it brings enough interesting features. For instance, the pipe
driver won't have to worry about the cs buffer size. We can do advanced
command/states checking so that we don't try to program the GPU into a
stupid states. There is a bunch of others interesting things about this
but i need to save some of my tricks for my FOSDEM talks.

So if you bore and you an R7xx GPU with KMS working then you might want
to test this beautifull software and see a neat grey square on a blue
background, which, oddly enough, i find entertaining, well it's maybe
not as much fun as gears but it's good enough.

(It's a standalone KMS app which runs from a console without X running)


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Jan. 26th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
RV730XT [Radeon HD 4670]
RV730 Works! F12 testing.
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