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The plan was to quickly hackup DRI2 inside mesa to test new command stream submission and memory manager. Many things were lacking to get compiz working, add bugs to the equation and i end up way beyond my schedule :( Anyway today i am allmost there and i got compiz working =) i need to thank Kristian Høgsberg for all the help and advices on getting dri2/compiz working, Dave Airlie also helped me in the painfull process of tracking bugs. Sadly they are still a bunch of issues with today, as you can see on the screenshot my dri2 is still rendering to front buffer... i need to sort this out, i also stumble on a bug in the idr stuff in gem, need to track down this one too.

The biggest task is to convert r100 & r200 driver to new buffer object and command stream scheme, then we need to do regression testing and in the end, hopefully, we can merge with mesa. That's for userspace, but the tedious bits are the kernel one, they are many things that need to be cleaned up, and many other pieces that need to be written like a full command checker (summary is we need to check that command userspace wants to executed and gpu won't access unauthorized memory area or won't have access to previous memory content, doing this is not easy and need a lot of code). Also their is few aspects in the today memory manager that i don't like, fence and buffer object movement being the top two items i can think of, hopefully TTM work that is underway will obsolete my concerns. To sumup it's pretty useless to have userspace if kernel space is not upstream :)

You can see that the gears are at the right position, note also that you don't see the uncomposited window in live experience, only the screenshot exhibit this uncomposited content. For curious people code is at the same place as before :

git://anongit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm modesetting-gem
git://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/xf86-video-ati radeon-gem-cs-dri2
git://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/mesa r300-bo-cs