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Gallium gearing up

Well i should have posted this before new year but i was in a rush to get to Barcelona (nice city between) anyway here it's glxgears working with radeon modesetting and softpipe as software render. So of course you wonder what the hell does this means :) In others words i am putting all together  pieces to start working on gallium driver and this by far the most painful part. To sum up:
- drm kernel part have to supply and ioctl to get command from userspace
- ddx driver (here an hacked fbdev driver) have to init dri for xserver
- winsys driver have to do some others dri initialization and also init gallium infrastructure

So now i am going to polish all this as right now there is plenty of hack in several places. Once i am happy with this code i will the gallium driver for r300/r400 hw and r500 too.

All code are in my private repo cgit.freedesktop.org look for ~glisse

Gearing up

Side note: color are wrong due to softpipe not my code :)


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Apr. 30th, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)
Just curious, are there any plans to support R200 series? I know that fragment programs are a requirement, but while it doesn't use the ARB version, ATI does have their own extension for fragment programs on the R200.
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